Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shout Outs!

Time to give some shout outs to some amazing, cool, talented and GENEROUS Etsy members who have contributed to my plastic fusing mania by sending me some great plastic bags.

First there was my trip to England in July. I brought back some great orange plastic bags from Sainsbury's, a supermarket chain in the UK. But I used them up so fast! I was sad. My boring U.S. supermarket uses boring white bags. But I knew the Etsy community could make me happy! I posted a plea to UK Etsians to collect and save their Sainsbury's bags for me. Two smashing Brits came through for me, yay!
Thank you to and for all the gorgeous orange plastic!
plasticbags 003

They actually sent much more than this, but I used some of the bags already.
orange 002

custom trick or treat bags, front and back are fused plastic and
sides are black cotton with silver reflective safety stripe
plastic 095

Then came Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. And Halloween candy comes in the coolest plastic bags. All these great bags were sent to me by and
plasticbags 002

I have already fused some of the donated bags into projects
plastic 051
(that's a Sainsbury's bag as the background)

plastic 098

And last but DEFINITELY not least, is the amazing huge bundle of uber-cool Japanese plastic bags, sent to me by the extremely generous I just received them this week. I can't wait to start fusing these!
plasticbags 004
There's gotta be at least 50 bags in here.
Here is just a small sampling of the amazing Japanese plastic bags, with incredible cute and colorful graphics!
plasticbags 005

Thank you to all of these sellers for sending me such beautiful bags.

To learn how to fuse plastic bags yourself, check out my tutorial in this blog.
To purchase some of my fused plastic creations, visit my Etsy store. And be sure to check back in my store frequently to see some of the great bags above transformed into cute and funky accessories!