Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ugly is the new black!

Submitted for your disapproval, the treasury of ugliness.
This is a collection of items nominated by their creators for the Ugliest Item on Etsy contest, which was the brainchild of Quirke.
The top row contains the first, second and third prize winners, determined by popular votes.

Now before you say what a meanie I am to call these things ugly, please understand this treasury was curated with love. All of the items in it were nominated by their own makers for the contest, with plenty of humor and affirmation by the etsy community. Many of the self-nominated items were actually sold during the contest, so the contest was also a good marketing gimmick. It really proves that ugliness is in the eye of the beholder. If these ugly things can find homes, it gives hope to all of us, that someone may find us beautiful.
Ironically, the jewelry artisan BOXC nominated this necklace, which I absolutely LOVE and have had it in my favorites since March 30! I even included it in a treasury earlier this week, which was completely sincere things I loved, with no irony or joke involved. Here's a screenshot of that trteasury.

I even nominated one of my own creations for Teh Ugly contest, but it was ineligible because it wasn't for sale in my store. (I know my dear readers will be heartbroken that they cannot purchase it!)

This little treasure was made as a gift for my friend Wendy. Here is the inside.

So, in celebration of ugly ducklings everywhere , and above all our ability to laugh at ourselves, I salute the winners!

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jodie nicholson said...

Ugly is indeed the new black.....with technicolour accessories and a mullet :)