Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 best and worst list!

Well there's about 9 more hours of 2007 left so it's customary to make a best and worst list, here's mine pretty quickly thrown together.
Now this blog usually just covers such a tiny part of my life, that it might be easy for people who don't know me to think the events covered in this blog were the most important things in my life. That would be totally incorrect. In reality and in the big picture, this craft stuff is just a small facet of my life. I keep my private life pretty private in public areas like blogs and Etsy forums.

Best time of 2007-
Spending a month in Europe this summer, staying with 6 different friends and their families (friends I originally met online, and became real-life friends with). Seeing Paris for the first time with my bf, spending my birthday in The Netherlands with him.
This whole concept of "online community" is not something new. It's something I have lived, something I have worked in, and it's a reality to me. I have been a part of online communities that really do care about eachother, where people meet up and travel together and form real-life relationships that support eachother through illness, death, and celebrate weddings and births of babies. Plus, it's great to make friends that live in European capitals so you can crash on their couches! Haha. (now seeking friends in Berlin and Prague)

Other highlights of the year are:
* Going to my friend's wedding, a friend who survived an aggressive brain tumor that gave him less than 50% survival odds. I don't have many heroes but he's someone who is really inspirational to me (and equally his wife who stood by his side during the whole treatment). It was really the most beautiful and emotional wedding I've ever seen. They couple just skipped the vows about "in sickness and in health" because they have already faced pretty much anyone's worst case scenario and they came through it strong, united, optimistic.
He has such a fantastic sense of humor, whenever I feel sorry for myself about any of the STUPID trivial bullshit that would be on my "worst" list, I have to think about how lucky I am.
I am healthy.
I have a roof over my head.
I love and am loved.
Anything else is meaningless.

The worst of 2007
In the big picture, the war and especially the growing evidence of torture by the U.S. is probably the greatest tragedy of 2007. Every time I hear them debate about waterboarding on the news with these dry and analytical attitudes, it makes me physically ill. How can any sane person even consider, for a moment, that this could be acceptable way for civilized societies to operate? Is this the Spanish Inquisition? Did the Enlightenment never happen? I'm ashamed to be human, much less ashamed to be American.

All in all I really didn't have that many bad things in my own little life. I had some friends who had cancer scares, but all of them have recently had good test results and are going to be OK.
I had some trivial problems, but if that was the worst thing that happened to me all year I'd have to be pretty happy with my year, because it was really an insignificant blip on the radar.

Best live show of 2007:
This is a tough one because I saw some great music this year. The amazing return of Iggy and the Stooges, an absolutely transcendent solo performance by Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance. But the best show was probably the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show I saw in Amsterdam in July. I've seen many good shows from them but the Amsterdam show just set the bar even higher.

Best Movie of 2007
oh this is tough because I really haven't seen hardly any movies this year! I used to see tons of movies, at least 2 a week, and lately I haven't gone to any for ages. I have been watching dvds, but they are older than 2007.
I have most of the movies from the critics "best of 2007" lists on my netflix queue so I probably won't know the best movie until 2008. :p
Of the movies I did see, I liked Grindhouse (the Rodriguez half, not Tarantino's film), Stardust, and Black Snake Moan.
Tarantino's "Death Proof" , half of the Grindhouse double feature, might well be the worst movie I saw this year. Well, the worst movie I paid for. I did see some stinkers on airplanes (like "Failure to Launch"- UGH!!) but I don't really count them because I didn't choose to see them.

Well, it's nearly 2008 so I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
*flings silver confetti*
Let's hope the next year brings happiness and success to those who deserve it, justice and truth to those who deny it, a Democratic president to this country, and an end to the horrible war. I wish Peace, love, puppies and cupcakes(with sprinkles!) to all my friends, and I wish bad hair days, traffic jams and papercuts to those who have fucked with me. Ouchy! LOL you crossed THE WRONG FISH!

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