Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Cute Knut!

I am a day late but I still wanted to wish a happy birthday to Cute Knut the polar bear.

Knut is my avatar and I just fell in love with the little guy last Christmas, as the little orphaned bear cub from the Berlin zoo.

He's not so little and not so cute anymore, (he weighs 245 lbs and he's still growing!) but he is enjoying being one year old!

To celebrate Knut's birthday I made Polar Bear cookies yesterday!
polar bear cookies

Rrrowwwr, eat them before they eat you!

I have also made a series of polar bear Christmas stockings for my Etsy shop

I've sold five of them so far, and for every one sold, I'm donating half the price to the World Wildlife Fund to help save polar bears in the wild. (and other endangered animals)

and last but not least, I had to buy this

the amazing pooping Poo-Lar Bear!! LOL can anything top that?
watch him in action!
(not my video)


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I saw the Birthday Report on Knut on the news...

He is so huge now... and no longer white - but adorable none the less.

The cookies look great, sugar or butter?

eclipse said...

Yeah he is kind of grayish now, I am not sure if he will stay that color or go back to white? In the wild sometimes they turn green because their hairs are hollow and algae grows inside the hair shaft!

The cookies are spice cookies, the recipe is in my cookie blog 2 spots down from this one. Mmmm cookies!!!