Thursday, July 9, 2009

Easy chocolate mousse cake

My birthday was last week and this was the cake I made.

Grease and flour a tiara cake pan, this pan has an indentation on top to hold a filling.

Mix up your favorite chocolate cake recipe, enough for a single layer. Or you can use half a box of devil's food cake mix, that is what I did.
I mixed a little Kahlua into the cake .
Bake as directed, cool, and then turn out onto a plate.

Then mix up a box of chocolate instant pudding, following the directions on the box.
Let it start to thicken, and then fold in a cup of kool whip.
Use that to fill the indentation in the top of the cake. If you have extra filling, put it in a cup or glass to eat as pudding.
Chill the cake until filling is set.
Serve with more kool whip and SPRINKLES!
It's also good with cut-up strawberries on top.

If you don't have a Tiara cake pan you may also use a Mary Ann Cake Pan or an obsttortenform pan. (see photos)
Tiara pans were made some years ago by Duncan Hines to go with their special line of Tiara Desserts mixes. They no longer make the mixes but you can often find the pans in thrift stores.
I use this pan a lot, it's great for filled cakes, strawberry shortcake, ice cream cakes, etc.

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